We serve 5G broadband to entire cities, communities and national/state parks, working with local governments and metropolitan agencies.

AccessParks is proud to extend its robust broadband services to entire cities, communities, and national/state parks, partnering with local governments and metropolitan agencies to promote digital inclusivity and connectivity. Our 5G broadband isn’t confined to remote locations; we also cater to large-scale metropolitan areas, residential developments, commercial hubs, and even entire city sections.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Broadband Connectivity in Metro-Scale Areas: Your community deserves high-speed, reliable internet access, regardless of the scale. With AccessParks, you can provide your residents with seamless connectivity, supporting a wide range of online activities – from work to education to leisure.
  • Ensuring Digital Inclusivity: Every resident, regardless of their location within your city or community, should have equal access to high-quality internet. We help you ensure this digital inclusivity, providing consistent, high-quality internet across all areas, thus fostering a digitally equal community.
  • Supporting Urban Lifestyle: In today’s digitally-driven world, a city’s internet quality can greatly impact the quality of life of its residents. Reliable, high-speed internet supports the modern urban lifestyle, catering to a wide range of needs – from home-based work to online learning, video conferencing, streaming entertainment, and more.
  • Strengthening City Infrastructure: Our broadband services can enhance your city’s digital infrastructure, making it an attractive location for businesses and residents alike. By offering high-quality connectivity, you can position your city as a leading digital hub, attracting investments, boosting economic growth, and enhancing overall livability.
  • Comprehensive Support: At AccessParks, we don’t just set up broadband services; we also provide continuous support and active network monitoring. This means we’re always there to promptly address any issues, ensuring your residents enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality internet services.

At AccessParks, we’re committed to serving communities of all scales – from rural and remote areas to bustling metropolitan cities. Trust us to deliver on our promise of reliable, high-speed internet connectivity, enhancing the quality of life for your residents and contributing to your city’s digital transformation journey.

Our team is proud to have partnered with premier government organizations for worldwide Broadband:

national park service
air force
homeland security

Upload Speeds Per User

25+ mbps



Download Speeds Per User

25+ mbps

Service Options

No upfront costs. True Broadband. Any location.

SmartParks 5G Platform
Our end-to-end system for connectivity, monitoring and support. Our SmartParks 5G™ solution is truly a revolution in the outdoors, and comes at no installation cost to the venue owner.

Partner Revenue Sharing Programs
If we sell directly to your guests we give a commission back to whomever manages/owns the site.

Flexible Payment Models
We offer Broadband-as-a-service, no upfront payment model for installation. We charge a flat rate per room or space for amenity Wi-Fi.

Bulk Rates
AccessParks™ offers attractive bulk rates as well as partner revenue
sharing programs for established park concessioners. Contact for more info.

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