Innovating for a Connected World: About AccessParks

Fueled by a Passion for the Outdoors

Since 2007, AccessParks has been at the cutting edge of technology, initially forging our path within the military sector. Our groundbreaking work led to the establishment of the first consumer Broadband Wi-Fi service across hundreds of military bases worldwide, embracing branches such as the Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force. This monumental feat was achieved without imposing any upfront costs on the facilities, showcasing our commitment to accessibility and excellence.

Our proficiency in navigating technological challenges allowed us to extend our reach to remote military RV parks, thereby closing the digital divide in some of the most secluded areas. We were the first to offer a broad spectrum of high-definition TV channels through Wi-Fi in barracks, hotels, and lodges, ensuring troops had access to continuous entertainment, even during the internet’s peak usage hours.

Designed to support 100,000 troops streaming video content simultaneously at 9 PM, our infrastructure was built for intensity. This strategic foresight proved invaluable with the advent of Netflix and other streaming services, as our robust networks effortlessly accommodated the surge in online entertainment demand.

As our journey evolved, so did our realization that our team shared a profound passion for the outdoors. This shared love was often hampered by poor internet connectivity in RV and national parks, cutting short our adventures. Inspired to apply our military-grade solutions to these new challenges, we found our services were not just suitable but ideal for ensuring connectivity in nature’s expanses.

Today, AccessParks Broadband proudly serves hundreds of thousands of guests monthly across RV parks, lodges, and some of the nation’s most revered national parks. Our vision is clear: to make the great outdoors accessible for longer stays through reliable, high-speed connectivity. By introducing “Powered by AccessParks 5G” to your RV park or community, you’re not just upgrading your internet service; you’re enhancing the entire guest experience, leading to an increase in bookings and glowing reviews.

At AccessParks, we believe in the power of connection — not just to the internet but to the world around us. We’re dedicated to providing the link that allows you to explore, work, and play without boundaries. Join us on this journey and discover how seamless connectivity can transform your space into a haven for adventurers and digital nomads alike.

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