Questions? We have answers.


Q: Why is my park Wi-Fi so bad? I have tried so many of your competitors, but no one seems to get this right.

A:  There is an enormous amount of effort that goes into an enterprise-grade wireless system at RV parks. It all starts with comprehensive design and simulations, but also requires enterprise-grade equipment and ongoing support.  We have 14 years of trade secrets providing True Broadband to over a Billion guests.

Q: What is “Broadband”?

A: The FCC defines “Broadband” as 25 Mbps download speed. Most parks were designed and built prior to the explosion in streaming video, and are now seeing that the systems are completely unusable at 8pm, when thousands of guests are trying to stream. For 14 years our team has been the only managed service provider (MSP) delivering Broadband to high population densities in remote locations. We have provided quality, uptime and speed to over a Billion users on military bases, in national parks, entire municipalities and mega RV parks. The biggest names in outdoor hospitality trust us to bring results and guarantee guest satisfaction.

Q: Do I have to have fiber-optic to my property?

A: Absolutely not – this is the biggest misconception in the industry. We can deliver the fiber speed to your property anywhere in the world within 6-8 weeks. Many park owners hear from fiber providers that this is the only way to bring speed to a park, and then charge very high rates to construct fiber to the property. The AccessParks team has access to millions of fiber points-of-presence (PoPs) worldwide, and uses 5G technologies to bring 1,000 to 10,000 Mbps to your property within 6-8 weeks. This can be done at a fraction of the cost, and that savings is passed through to you!

Q: Is microwave delivery less reliable than fiber?

A: There are thousands of wireless companies in the US, and very few are enterprise-grade. They tend to offer the cheapest solution, with no focus on the operations. When designed and built by an experienced team wireless is more reliable than fiber-optic. Fiber spans dozens or hundreds of miles and gets cut regularly. When it does it can take days to find and fix. We find that our carrier-grade microwave systems achieve at least 99.9% reliability.

Q: I already have fiber to my property, and the Wi-Fi still doesn’t work correctly. Why am I paying so much for fiber but am still seeing so many guest complaints?

Fiber-optic, or microwave from fiber-optic is only 20% of the challenge of delivering Broadband inside RVs in your park. The other 80% is related to proper up-front design, use of enterprise-grade equipment, almost daily monitoring and maintenance, and thousands of lessons learned over 14 years. Our team is the best in the business, and has solved for Broadband in the most remote regions of the planet; 170 mph winds in Montana, -60 degree temperatures in Alaska, 130-degree heat at Death Valley, and dense tree coverage in Guam. We have never found a site we can’t serve.

Q: I pay $200/month for a DSL modem, so why would I pay more?

A: You get what you pay for. DSL, cable and satellite is designed for a single family home with four users. It is not designed to be enterprise-grade. As soon as you put hundreds of devices on it, with streaming video and Facetime, it slows to almost zero. This is what your guests are experiencing at 8pm; we call it “lock-up”, where even a web page won’t load. A bad Wi-Fi system is an expense, but our Broadband systems are designed to boost revenue significantly and provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in ROI.

Q: Why are you different than all the others who claim to offer high speed Internet?

A: Our competitors make most of their money selling you the equipment before any installation or operation has even begun. They typically mark up the equipment by 100%, and have made their money without delivering any service. Our philosophy has always been to install at no up-front cost to the venue owner, and focus like a laser on day-to-day operations. Then we prove the performance to you with real-time dashboards. This leads to quality enterprise-grade service, guest satisfaction, more review stars and increased booking revenue. Installing a cheap system makes Wi-Fi an expense. Our systems actually boost revenue and produce a huge ROI for parks.


AccessParks™ is the first and only approved Broadband concessioner within the US National Park System