Our Story

Our Experience

Since our inception in 2007, our team has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the military sector. We established the inaugural consumer Broadband Wi-Fi service, which reached hundreds of military bases across the globe. Our network included prominent branches of the U.S military, namely the Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force, and was implemented without any upfront costs to the facilities involved.

Our expertise allowed us to extend our services to remote military RV parks, thus bridging the digital divide in even the most isolated regions. We were pioneers in providing a comprehensive range of high-definition TV channels via Wi-Fi. This service was offered in barracks, hotels, and lodges, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment even during peak evening hours.

Our systems were engineered with a capacity to sustain 100,000 troops simultaneously streaming video content at 9pm. This foresight paid dividends when Netflix entered the scene, as our robust network was well-equipped to handle the additional load!

Meets our Passion

As our journey progressed, we realized that our team was unified by a deep-seated passion for the outdoors. However, the weak internet connectivity in most RV parks and national parks limited our stays to just a few days, due to an inability to load even a basic web page. Our solution, originally designed for the military’s remote locations, proved to be a perfect fit for RV parks and lodges.

Today, AccessParks Broadband caters to hundreds of thousands of guests monthly in RV parks and lodges, including some of the largest national parks in the country. We envision a future where the joy of outdoor exploration is unhindered by time limits, allowing reliable connectivity from any location.

Upgrade your RV park with “Powered by AccessParks 5G” and prepare to experience a surge in bookings and stellar reviews from delighted guests!

Why put internet Outdoors?

Longer stays. Increased exploration. More outdoor advocates.

We believe that by addressing the need for predictable, quality internet in RV parks, lodges, and campgrounds, we are helping more people experience the outdoors we love, for longer periods of time, and with the untethered freedom of exploring confidently.  The outdoors should be a part of everyone’s life, especially younger generations. When parents can keep up with work for an hour in the evening, the kids benefit from longer stays.

With AccessParks, it’s possible to…

Soak in longer

Check in, on a reliable, fast connection, without heading back to the nearest town. Keep your life moving, and stay disconnected longer.

Man Using Map Application On His Smartphone

Appreciate our Parks more

With a world at your feet and your fingertips, experience the outdoors with rich information about what you’re looking at, with enhanced safety.


Retain Nature’s Beauty

Cell towers are ugly – and cellular wireless is useless for Broadband.  Our proven wireless solutions use existing infrastructure and are hidden from view.  We have 13 years of experience solving the hardest connectivity problems in the world, with extreme sensitivity to environmental impact.

Man with phone at night sky

Confidently Explore, Safely

With reliable front-country connectivity critical information such as hiking maps, fire conditions and weather reports become more accessible. And if you call 911 the E-911 dispatcher will know your location to within 15 feet if you are near our Wi-Fi radios.

Our team has been proud to serve our 5G Broadband solution to the following organizations nationwide:
Thousand Trails, Yogi Bear's, Koa, NPS, Xanterra, Basecamp, Quality, Sunlight Resorts, UMH, ELS, RVC, California State Parks
We are honored to be members of the following associations: