What Makes a Great RV Park?

Through the years of being involved with RV park owners and campers, we’ve learned a few things about what makes a great RV park. From one side of the country to the other, it really comes down to a few key items – and they are directly related to what campers love. As we all know, happy campers make for a successful RV park. 

Top 10 Things that Make an RV Park Great

  1. A Great Community (not an oversized parking lot). This one really underlines what RV parks are all about. People want friendly confines when they are spending the night somewhere with their families. This means space away from other campers, nature elements like trees on their plot, and a friendly atmosphere when they do interact with others. Parking on a blank lot isn’t very appealing. 
  2. rv park wi wifiHigh-Speed Wi-Fi Connection. Having a quality Wi-Fi connection is anything but a given when enjoying a night in the outdoors. Luckily, there are solutions that provide high-speed internet to all user devices. Travelers these days need Wi-Fi for functional reasons like checking in on work, and for leisure to share their experiences and enjoy some downtime. 
  3. Hot Water. You don’t know how much you appreciate a hot shower until you don’t have hot water. After a day of travel and enjoying the outdoors, a nice hot (or even just warm) shower can complete the day. Give campers a cold shower, and there’s a good chance they won’t stop at your park next time. 
  4. Great Views. You can park an RV just about anywhere. But when on a family vacation with an RV, it’s a huge bonus if you can stop somewhere that truly allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty. A great view, or even some trees and nice wooded areas, are much better than a parking lot. 
  5. Picnic Tables and Firepits. Another basic yet crucial element of camping is enjoying a campfire and having a meal on a picnic table. It doesn’t cost much to include those basic elements with every RV parking space, but it goes a long way with campers who want to enjoy every element of the outdoor experience. 
  6. rv park owner friendlyFriendly Owners and Staff. Having owners and staff that are welcoming and give off a friendly vibe goes a long way. Many people who stop at an RV park more than once do so because they consider the owners or staff kind and welcoming. And others that frequent certain grounds even see the owners part of their family. 
  7. Pull-Through Parking Space. Not everyone who stops at an RV park is a professional truck driver. Offering pull-through spaces that don’t make them perform complicated backing maneuvers can save dad the sleepless night of worrying about how he’s going to get out of his space in the morning. 
  8. Large Paths to Drive On. This is very similar to the last point, but navigating through an unknown RV park layout goes so much better if you have some space around you and any parked campers and RVs. Getting stuck on a narrow path – or even worse – running into another RV, can ruin a vacation. 
  9. Freebies. There are some RV parks out there that give out free items for people when they stay. A little SWAG and some free coffee are inexpensive for the owner but are a great treat for campers. 
  10. Full Transparency. The last thing travelers that are already shelling out a lot for a vacation need is hidden fees and other unwanted charges. Being completely up-front with all costs associated with the stay will more than make up for it in repeat visitors and positive reviews. 

There you have it – our top 10 items that make RV parks great. If you own an RV park, take note of the things that campers truly want. While some have a cost to them, the ROI is there. The best-reviewed RV parks in the country check these boxes. 

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