What is the Best RV Park Wi-Fi?

RV parks are often expansive plots of land. It makes sense, as the best RV parks offer room for each camper to have a personal outdoor experience. But when it comes to providing an internet connection, the acreage can make it challenging with traditional means. 

This is where innovative technology can make a difference. By using an enterprise-grade wireless system, AccessParks can provide guaranteed broadband throughout an entire RV park. This level of connectivity is not possible with traditional methods that rely on basic access points and Wi-Fi signals. 

By offering high-speed broadband access for over 14 years, AccessParks has learned how to install reliable internet at some of the most challenging places in the United States and Canada. AccessParks is currently a broadband provider at six national parks: Death Valley, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and Yellowstone. In addition to large parks, it also serves hundreds of local RV parks. In total, over 50 million acres of grounds are covered. 

wi-fi computer campgroundThe service utilizes 45 million fiber locations to offer total connectivity anywhere. The technology is unique, allowing the service to have very fast speeds and uptime, even during peak hours. 

For such an expansive network of connectivity, the setup process is relatively painless. It takes 24 hours for techs to provide a quote for broadband service and 60 days to install the service in any park in the world. The resulting service offers a guaranteed 25 Mbps speed per guest device. These minimum speeds are enough to stream video, even at peak hours. 

The guaranteed service also comes with 24/7 support, including customer-facing connectivity and uptime monitors at each park. This is part of the complete transparency of the AccessParks solution. 

With so many people working remotely now, with this type of work emerging even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, having the ability to have high-speed internet in an RV park is essential. This allows many remote workers the flexibility to work a full day at the park or just check-in when they need to – whatever their schedule dictates. And all the while, they will have access to high-speed internet to allow them to attend video meetings and access other online portals and needs.

When searching for the best RV park Wi-Fi, the list must include AccessParks. If you want to know more or get your park quoted, the process is free, and there are no charges until you are up and running. And due to the support model, you will never be on your own if something goes down. AccessParks is always here for your needs. 

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