What Does Full Hookup Mean at an RV Park?

If you are new to RV ownership or renting an RV for the first time, you likely have a little bit of a gap in the lingo. You may feel slightly out of place as you are learning your ride. But not to worry, it all comes pretty quickly. 

One of the first things to familiarize yourself with is the utility situation. RVs come with the necessary hookups to be a stand-alone mobile home, essentially. But, this isn’t sustainable for long periods. A standard setup for an RV is a fresh water tank, battery-operated appliances, and holding tanks for utilities that are good for a few days. 

Once you have used up your “boondocking” time (camping without hookups), you will need to find hookups for these various components. To get everything back up to full power and capacity, you’ll want an RV park with a full hookup. 

What Does Full Hookup Mean at an RV Park? 

If an RV park has a full hookup, it means that you will have access to fresh water, electricity, and sewer. There are also partial hookup RV parks, and as the name would suggest, they would only offer some of those services, but not all. 

Connecting your RV to a full hookup means you can basically use the vehicle as a home while you are at this given RV park. It will be hooked up directly to water, have full electricity, and have a sewer hookup as well. This means no more rationing water, running off of a generator, or looking for a dumping station for waste.

RV Park Full Hookup Elements

While some campers like to “rough it” at times, for many, a full hookup RV park is the holy grail of the RV experience. It allows for a low-cost and fun way to see the countryside and still has many of the comfort elements of home. 


RVs are typically equipped with a water tank that ranges from 20 to 100 gallons. This will supply you with water for a few days. But it certainly isn’t sustainable for along period of time when showers and other activities come into play. And it’s always best to circulate fresh water in after a certain amount of time. 


rv park family vacationRunning off of a generator and internal power is something many RV owners are comfortable with. But hooking up directly to power helps literally recharge the batteries on everything. Full hookup RV parks should have 30 or 50-amp power outlets, but it’s best to check on that specifically ahead of time. If you require a 50-amp outlet and the park only has 30-amp, you will be back to square one. 


There isn’t much more stressful with an RV than worrying if your sewer system is filling up. Hooking up to the sewer lines at a full hookup RV park allows you to drain your system and move out any new waste that is collected during your stay at the park. 

High-Speed Wi-Fi

While this is considered an extra to a full-service hookup, having high-speed internet available is crucial to some in this day and age. Many people need to keep up on work or like to check in with friends and family while they are away. An RV park with high-speed Wi-Fi isn’t always easy to find, but there are some great options for parks that make the effort. 

Having the proper hookups along your travels with an RV is a big part of keeping the time enjoyable. Planning out your trip ahead of time can ensure that you are able to make all the necessary stops along the way for your needs. 


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