Webinar to Focus on Broadband Needs for RV Parks in 2021

In the past decade, RV park owners’ priorities have changed in offering guests connectivity. Previously, offering high-speed Wi-Fi was more of a luxury – in 2021, it is nearly a necessity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated an already changing landscape for RV parks and campgrounds. Since the start of the pandemic, the percentage of people that work remotely has risen exponentially. Due to this, many people are working while traveling. And while not all of these travelers need to be online at all times, the need to check in frequently is quite common. 

In addition to workers, families stay connected through online mediums more than ever, making an RV park with reliable internet connectivity more attractive than one that does not offer quality service. 

This topic will be addressed in a webinar hosted by CampCalNOW coming up on March 24. Tim Rout, CEO of AccessParks, will be the featured guest on the CampCalNOW webinar. The topic of the conversation is “Wi-Fi that Meets the Needs of 2021 with AccessParks.” 

For over 14 years, AccessParks has provided a broadband solution to RV parks, campgrounds, and other venues. The service currently covers 50 million acres across the United States and Canada and services six national parks, 120 military bases, in addition to 100s of RV parks. 

Unlike other internet service providers to RV parks and campgrounds, AccessParks offers a complete broadband solution that guarantees at least 25 Mbps coverage to every user device. The service provides 24/7 support and installs customer-facing speed and up-time graphs to offer 100% transparency on the service’s status and current speeds. 

By offering a reliable and high-speed solution for RV parks, data has shown that parks receive better reviews, and guests will increase their stay time. By acquiring more customers, and increasing stay time, parks can achieve a revenue boost of up to 20% by having AccessParks installed at their facility. 

To register for the free March 24 webinar, click here. For more information about AccessParks and how to get started on installing the service, click here

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