How to Work Remote While Camping

Remote work has become more prevalent in recent years – and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that trend. With so many companies realizing that they can thrive with a remote workforce, many people find that what seemed like a temporary situation in March of 2020 has become permanent. 

For some, this has presented a large opportunity to travel. Working remotely doesn’t always have to mean that you sit at your desk at home. Depending on your company’s policy – or if you own your own business – you may be able to enjoy the outdoors while staying focused on your work schedule. That can even mean working while camping. Here’s what you need to know for camping and working. 

How to Work Remote While Camping

The first thing that you need to figure out when contemplating the camp and work combo is if you can do your work while camping. If you do offline work that just requires you to do handiwork, or you can use a non-connected computer, you’re fine. But if your job requires an internet connection, finding a suitable campground with high-speed internet will be critical. 

Picking a Campground to Work Remote

Not all campground and RV park Wi-Fi is created equal. Many sites still have a traditional Wi-Fi service that is spotty at best and is unlikely to support video conferencing if you need it. Finding a campground hooked up with a broadband offering like AccessParks will allow you to do all of the online work you need to do. 

In addition to the internet connection, you will want to make sure the site that you can set up on is conducive to what you need to do. For example, shade and space are two important elements to consider. Shade will keep you and your equipment cool during the day, and space will allow you to talk freely when on team calls without distractions. 

Keeping your equipment charged is another challenge. If you don’t have an external charger or hookup at your site, there are often common areas that do have electricity and seating available that can be used. 

But if you don’t want to rely on an unknown outlet situation, there are options for you to stay charged outside. Often you can get a spare battery pack or portable charger, or even get a solar-powered charger to keep your entire operation green. 

More than anything, planning is going to be the best way for you to ensure that you can successfully work remotely while camping. Finding campgrounds that have reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, space for you to work, and a power supply will set you up with the essentials that you need to get your work done in a scenic environment. 

Get Your Favorite Campground Connected

If your favorite campground or RV park needs a better Wi-Fi solution, get them in touch with AccessParks. The full-service high-speed broadband solution ensures a minimum of 25 Mbps per user device. Learn more about the solution here

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