Get Better Campground Reviews with Strong Wi-Fi

Online reviews are crucial for any service industry. The case could be made that they are even more critical for campgrounds and RV parks. 

While campgrounds and RV parks have many regulars, a large part of their annual revenue is made up of first-time visitors. You can imagine a family that is plotting their summer vacation. How do they know what areas and venues are going to be safe and enjoyable for their family? You can bet online reviews makes up a large portion of the equation. 

So how do campgrounds and RV parks get good reviews? A lot of this comes down to the essentials that all campers love – friendly people, great views, hot water, large spaces, and more. These are all within the wheelhouse of anyone that owns a campground or RV park. But there is one on the list that many of these businesses haven’t been able to get a grasp on – high-speed Wi-Fi.

Get Better Campground Reviews with Strong Wi-Fi

For an owner, having a quality Wi-Fi connection at the campground makes sense. With so many people working remotely now and families enjoying downtime and sharing experiences on social media, great Wi-Fi can really make the camping experience perfect. 

But it isn’t that simple. There are so many install companies that charge for equipment without being able to back up the results. 

The Wi-Fi that these companies install can often be spotty at best, with RVs, buildings, trees, and overall terrain that are part of the campground blocking the signal. And at peak hours, when more people are logged on, very few of these networks can handle the increased capacity. 

The result of this is that campgrounds and RV parks lose an average of one star on their reviews simply due to non-optimal Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, when Wi-Fi isn’t working, campgrounds have found that people are quick to leave a bad review once they do log on. This equates to lost revenue, with so many people picking out their ideal place to stay on reviews alone. 

A Solution to Better Campground Reviews Through Broadband

Thankfully, there are solutions for campground and RV park owners who want to install a reliable broadband solution. AccessParks offers high-speed Wi-Fi that boasts 99.9% reliability no matter where it is installed in the country. 

Best of all for owners is that there are no up-front costs to get the service installed, and guaranteed speeds are part of the deal. AccessParks can provide a guaranteed 25 Mbps per user device at any park. And there is full support and real-time quality monitoring dashboards that show current speed and uptime 24/7. 

AccessParks is installed in six national parks, 120 military bases, and 100s of RV parks and campgrounds throughout the country, with 50 million acres of connectivity. 

A better campground and RV park Wi-Fi solution will help boost campground reviews, and the subsequent star rating and word-of-mouth advertising mean 10-25% more revenue for venues that utilize the service. Contact AccessParks to learn about the service with no obligation. 

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