Can You Get Wi-Fi at RV Parks?

When it comes to getting high-quality Wi-Fi at RV parks and campgrounds, many outdoor enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves. Upgrading cellular plans and installing gear such as extenders within their RVs has been common for those that want to be able to stay connected on the go. 

But, you don’t have to burn through your data. There are solutions available for RV parks and campgrounds that want to offer the best Wi-Fi solution available to their customers. 

Can You Get Wi-Fi at RV Parks? 

While it’s possible to use a hotspot while traveling across the country, you can expect to go through up to 100GB of data per month pretty easily – especially if you are streaming movies or music. Unlimited data plans are an option, but leveling up your annual cellular plan just to go on a trip isn’t ideal either. And, even though data is unlimited, getting a high-quality hotspot signal isn’t a given. 

So why can’t RV parks and campgrounds just have high-speed Wi-Fi? For many, it’s a problem with the service that they have and the layout of their site. RV park and campground Wi-Fi is typically slow for three main reasons: 

  • They had an installation done by a satellite, DSL, or fixed wireless company that installed expensive equipment but didn’t guarantee any level of service or support. In this situation, they are stuck with poor Wi-Fi unless they change out their system. 
  • RVs and metal buildings sit between your device and the Wi-Fi router, which greatly weakens the signal for users. 
  • The more people that get on the network, the slower the performance is. This is due to traditional Wi-Fi that slows down with added devices on the network. 

High-Speed Wi-Fi for Every Device at RV Parks

wi-fi computer campgroundWith solutions like AccessParks, the traditional issues that surround Wi-Fi installation at RV parks and campgrounds do not exist. AccessParks offers guaranteed 25 Mbps speed per guest device and 1,000 to 10,000 Mbps capacity delivered to any park. 

Let’s look at the three examples above to show how AccessParks 5G Broadband works through the traditional issues seen at RV parks and campgrounds. 

Installation done by satellite, DSL, or fixed wireless company

AccessParks utilizes millions of fiber points-of-presence worldwide to bring high-speed broadband to any park in the world. This system also means that there is no need for expensive hard-wired fiber installation, either. Any park can be installed with high-speed broadband in 6-8 weeks, and the AccessParks team offers full support services and customer-facing uptime statistics for full transparency of service. 

RVs and Metal Buildings Sitting in the Way

With a full park installation that utilizes fiber points-of-presence, there is no issue with metal vehicles and buildings standing in between your device and a router. At any place in the park, 25 Mbps per device is guaranteed. 

More People on the Network and Slower Performance

Due to the 5G Broadband technology that AccessParks utilizes, the number of people connected has no bearing on slow speed, as every device will have a guaranteed 25 Mbps speed. This is why AccessParks is able to install service at some of the biggest national parks in the country in addition to some of the smaller, more crowded RV parks and campgrounds around the nation. 

AccessParks RV Park and Campground Broadband Solution

With AccessParks 5G, broadband is guaranteed anywhere. The use of fiber points-of-presence is a true differentiator as it allows for high-speed internet for every device on any property. And the install process requires no up-front fees. Once installed, there is a full support system behind keeping the park fully online and functional at all times, with transparent uptime reporting available on installed screens. 

There is no obligation – talk with an expert today about how to install high-speed Wi-Fi at your park. 

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