Can you Get High-Speed Internet in an RV Park?

When you think of RV parks, cutting-edge technology doesn’t always come to mind. Naturally, you may have concerns about getting online at all – and even greater worry if you are needing to attend a virtual meeting – or watch a show while camped at an RV park

The typical RV park experience can be pretty frustrating in terms of internet speed. Less than 1 Mbps download speed is all too common – and anything close to or above 10 Mbps is often considered a premium experience. 

Can You Get High-Speed Internet in an RV Park? 

Luckily, if you do your homework, you’ll find that not all RV parks are created equal. Some parks understand that remote workers – and families – all require internet speeds capable of handling video streams. Often, these RV parks will speak to this component in their marketing or on their website. You can also often find this information in the reviews for the park, as Wi-Fi speeds are commonly reviewed. If not, a simple call will suffice as well.

There are solutions out there that can provide high-speed internet to entire RV parks, no matter their size. It takes the proper infrastructure to be able to offer fast and reliable internet. Traditional setups and access points often don’t get the job done, as trees, buildings, and other RVs can cause the coverage to suffer. And getting reliable coverage from fiber-optic is often not an option due to cost and the complex process of installation.

Solutions like AccessParks take all of the pitfalls into account to provide high-speed internet to RV parks throughout the country. By using thousands of fiber points-of-presence throughout the country and microwaved signals, AccessParks can provide not only fast but reliable internet to remote regions that work well, even at peak hours. 

The result of the technology is guaranteed speeds of 25 Mbps per user device, no matter how many are logged on. This is true 5G technology, as crowded areas and popular times do not affect the speed on the user devices. 

In addition to just installing and providing the service, AccessParks also offers full support for RV parks and uptime monitors that are customer-facing, so there is complete visibility on current speeds and availability of the network. 

InfographicWhile 25Mbps is the minimum guaranteed, speeds often climb much higher, with 1,000 to 10,000 Mbps internet capacity delivered to each park. The solution is also installed quickly, with a 60 day install to any location, no matter how remote. 

The AccessParks solution is popular with RV parks and campgrounds throughout the country, and the company also outfits the U.S. military, with service to 120 bases. The service is also exclusive to six national parks

High-speed internet at RV parks is possible in this day and age. But, RV parks need to work with the right company to make this a reality. Learn more about the AccessParks solution and how your favorite RV park can be fitted with it.

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