Boosting RV Park Revenue with High-Speed Wi-Fi

Owning an RV Park can be a rewarding endeavor. Any owner will tell you that the connections that they are able to make with travelers – both regulars and one-time visitors – make the entire business venture worthwhile. 

Not that it doesn’t have its challenges like any other business. Outside of regular visitors, it’s a constant effort to get new visitors to stay at your park during their travels. This can be a combination of generating positive word-of-mouth and marketing. Every interaction matters when you own an RV Park – especially in the digital age. Reviews can make or break your business, as families are regularly looking to online reviews as they plan their getaways. 

Boosting RV Park Revenue with High-Speed Wi-Fi

So, what are some ways that you can boost your RV Park revenue and continue to keep the positive reviews and social media posts coming? One way that many RV Park owners don’t always consider is adding a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to their park. 

It may seem counterintuitive to the business goals. A big part of RVing is seeing the outdoors. But with travel, especially with families, there is plenty of need for checking in at work, enjoying some media in downtime, and even sharing experiences online. This makes having a stable and reliable high-speed Wi-Fi offering crucial for RV Parks. Let’s look at all the advantages: 

RV Park Wi-Fi Keeps Visitors Happy

Every RV owner has dealt with spotty or non-existent Wi-Fi at an RV Park. And really, having no Wi-Fi is better than having bad Wi-Fi. Offering a service that is going to let people down is just setting your park up for bad reviews and literal unhappy campers. 

RV Park Wi-Fi Keeps Visitors Longer

Analysis of RV and camping enthusiasts shows surprising data when a park has strong Wi-Fi. People that are staying for longer periods of time have actually been shown to stay an average of two extra days at parks that have consistent, healthy Wi-Fi. 

RV Park Wi-Fi Advertising Attracts New Visitors

using phone at national parkBeing able to promote that you have high-speed or even broadband Wi-Fi service at your RV Park is a huge marketing advantage. Listing it on your site, Google My Business page, and in marketing materials has been shown to attract more visitors. In fact, between longer stays and new visitors, RV Park owners that have a strong and reliable Wi-Fi solution report 10-20% increased annual revenue. 

Vacation Workers Will Stay at Your Park

Many RVers plan their vacation with check-ins at work figured into the equation. If they can’t be reassured that your park has reliable Wi-Fi, they simply won’t choose to stay at your park. But if you are listing the broadband service and speeds on your site and elsewhere, they are much more likely to be comfortable with a first-time – and possibly recurring – stay at your park.

RVers Do Marketing For You Through Online Sharing

If you have reliable Wi-Fi, people are more likely to instantly share their park experience online through imagery and other social media posts. This means that your park will instantly be featured, and likely tagged, in every post that they create throughout their stay. Without high-speed Wi-Fi, guests are much less likely to use their data and freely post on your network.

RV Park Wi-Fi Installation Can Be Easy

Partnering with the right outdoor Wi-Fi provider can make the install process a breeze for any park owner. Companies like AccessParks charge no up-front fees, ensuring that the service is up and running strong before asking for any funds. Lesser Wi-Fi solutions that don’t work are likely to charge for equipment up-front, knowing that they will be leaving park owners holding the bag with poor service once they leave. 

The AccessParks RV Park Broadband Solution

AccessParks is still the only broadband Wi-Fi provider for RV Parks that is able to guarantee 25 Mbps speed per guest device. And this service is backed up by guest-facing dashboards at the park that displays current connection status and speed. 

The team can install high-speed Wi-Fi to any location in the world in 60 days, meaning you can have AccessParks high-speed broadband at your park before the next busy season begins. Then, you can start marketing your broadband service on your site and other channels. The quality service then does the work for your business, bringing in positive reviews, tagged posts on social media, and positive word-of-mouth in the RV community.

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