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As an owner or manager of a residential community, your mission is to provide the best possible living experience to your residents. AccessParks shares that mission. We understand that in today’s connected world, high-speed, reliable internet is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Regardless of your community’s location, we can ensure your residents have the broadband access they need to work, learn, and relax from the comfort of their homes.

Here’s what partnering with AccessParks can bring to you and your community:

  • Reliable High-Speed Internet: No matter how remote your residential community might be, we can provide reliable, high-speed internet services that outperform typical offerings in such locations. This ensures your residents can enjoy uninterrupted access to online services for work, education, or entertainment, just like they would in urban areas. They can participate in virtual meetings, attend online classes, or stream their favorite movies and shows without any hassles.
  • Enhanced Living Experience: By providing consistent, high-quality internet services, you significantly enhance the overall living experience in your community. This not only makes your residents happier but also increases the attractiveness of your community to potential new residents. It’s an investment that pays off by fostering a contented, thriving community and enhancing your property’s reputation and desirability.
  • Competitive Edge: Reliable, high-speed internet can give your residential community a competitive edge in today’s property market, where connectivity is a critical factor for many individuals and families when choosing their next home. With AccessParks, your community will stand out as a digitally inclusive space that meets the needs of modern living.
  • Increased Property Value: Providing robust broadband services can add to your property’s value. If you ever consider selling or leasing your residential community, this upgraded amenity could significantly boost your returns.
  • Comprehensive Support: We don’t just set you up and then leave you to it; we’re here to provide 24/7 support and active network monitoring. You can focus on managing your community, knowing that we’re always available to handle any technical queries or issues.

With AccessParks, you’re choosing a partner committed to helping you provide a modern, connected, and fulfilling living experience to your residents. Let’s work together to enhance your community and empower your residents with the high-speed, reliable internet they deserve.

Upload Speeds Per User

25+ mbps



Download Speeds Per User

25+ mbps

Service Options

No upfront costs. True Broadband. Any location.

SmartParks 5G Platform
Our end-to-end system for connectivity, monitoring and support. Our SmartParks 5G™ solution is truly a revolution in the outdoors, and comes at no installation cost to the venue owner.

Partner Revenue Sharing Programs
If we sell directly to your guests we give a commission back to whomever manages/owns the site.

Flexible Payment Models
We offer Broadband-as-a-service, no upfront payment model for installation. We charge a flat rate per room or space for amenity Wi-Fi.

Bulk Rates
AccessParks™ offers attractive bulk rates as well as partner revenue
sharing programs for established park concessioners. Contact for more info.

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