What is the difference between an RV Park and a Campground?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, traveling and staying in outdoor settings such as campgrounds and RV Parks is probably something you have done – and may even be one of your main hobbies. To the less experienced, finding the right place to stay may prove to be a difficult task. After all, there’s only so much you can really get a feel for online, no matter how well a park’s website is built out. 

But of all the questions that you may have, one of the most common when looking for a place is trying to determine the difference between an RV Park and a campground. After all, depending on your travel situation, you may want a very specific experience. And the differences between RV Parks and campgrounds can be vast. 

What is the difference between an RV Park and a Campground? 

If you are driving an RV, you likely want to avoid a traditional campground. If you are driving with just your tent in the trunk, you probably do want the campground experience. We’ll break down the difference a bit for you. 


If a business is labeled as a campground, it more than likely caters to a number of different outdoor sleep and stay situations. Campgrounds don’t discriminate with the type of clientele they are looking to attract – but that can also be an unintentional detractor if you are looking for a place to park your RV. 

camping tents by riverThe first issue that RV drivers may have with a traditional campground is difficulty navigating to plots that are designated for RVs – and they may be very packed in close to others. A traditional campground is going to be fairly light on amenities that many RV families enjoy – typically only including general store access, public restrooms, a campfire ring, and a barbecue grill. Wi-Fi access in a campground isn’t a sure thing, either. 

For those looking to “rough it” for a night or weekend, campgrounds may be perfect, as being light on amenities is just what you may be looking for. Getting away from the hustle and bustle is what campgrounds are all about. 

It should be noted that in some situations, businesses that claim the designation of campground may actually have evolved into an RV campground, so it’s best to check ahead if you are looking for a more rugged outdoor experience. 

RV Campgrounds

If you have an RV, the obvious ideal experience is staying at an RV campground that is designed specifically for the needs of RV owners and renters. It’s essentially the next step in the progression of places to stay for outdoor enthusiasts. 

rv camper wi-fi at parkRV parks typically have the amenities that are included in a traditional campground, such as general store access, restrooms, campfire ring, and barbecue grill. They can also be expected to have a picnic table, and things that RV enthusiasts truly hold dear such as RV park high-speed Wi-Fi, electrical, fresh water access and sewer access. 

In addition, RV Campgrounds are likely much more user-friendly for RV drivers, allowing pull-through stalls as opposed to pull-or back-in. While that seems like a small item, for the member of the family driving the RV, this can make a huge difference. 

RV Resorts

The RV Resort is the holy grail for the RV owner that appreciates some more modern amenities and may be looking to stay for a significant duration. While it costs more than a traditional RV park to stay in, there are quite a few luxuries to enjoy. 

RV Resorts often have a washer and dryer, pool, tennis court, fitness center, dog parks, multiple eating options, and more. While not for everyone, RV Resorts certainly have a niche as being the top-of-the-line when it comes to mobile hospitality. 

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