What are the Health Benefits of Camping?

It’s easy to let the world drag you down and get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life. Getting away from the hustle and bustle is essential – and camping can provide that ideal getaway. There’s something about being outdoors that can bring about a true sense of inner peace. Just getting away from your routine can be healthy. 

With so much focus on mental health in this day and age, many find that a simple trip in the outdoors, including camping, can help improve their mental focus and health. And there’s no denying that a camping trip can help you with your physical health as well thanks to the required and leisure activities associated. 

What are the Health Benefits of Camping? 

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that camping can provide. 

Camping Reduces Stress

Getting out into the wilderness instantly replaces the traditional sounds that become part of your life’s soundtrack. Instead of traffic sounds, machines humming, and people talking, you are suddenly immersed into a world that allows you to hear birds chirping, leaves rustling – or better yet, the sounds of silence. The pressure of your job also melts away when you can just sit or lay down and take in the nature that is around you. Getting a good night’s sleep in the outdoors also does wonders for your stress. 

Camping Promotes Exercise

Without even focusing on it, camping naturally gets you up and moving more than your traditional day. From pitching your tent to gathering sticks to walking and biking on trails, you are exerting energy that you wouldn’t from just sitting at your desk. Add in a fishing or swimming adventure, and you are burning all kinds of calories off – while at the same time reducing your stress. 

Camping Helps Your Mood and Memory

grand canyon phone connectedAnother natural reaction that happens when you are camping is that your mood and memory improve. When you are out in the wilderness, your body releases higher levels of serotonin, which naturally helps your body regulate mood and sleep better and improves memory. A camping trip can seem so refreshing partially due to this natural process. 

Camping Improves Your Body Health

Given that you are outside for a good portion of the day when you are camping, you are soaking in more vitamin D than usual from sunlight. The body relies on vitamin D intake to improve the skin and internally helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which keeps your bones and teeth healthy.

Camping Promotes Healthy Relationships

You might be surprised at what you may find out about close family members when you have the time to talk without distractions. Camping promotes family bonding time and provides a safe environment for everyone to open up and learn a little more about each other. 

While the health benefits of camping may not be the impetus for your trip, they certainly are welcomed. And even if you can’t get away from work completely, you can physically get away with a camping trip and stay connected thanks to solutions like AccessParks that provide guaranteed Wi-Fi connectivity to campgrounds and parks throughout the country.

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