Campground High-Speed Wi-Fi Installation Company

We live in a connected world. If you own a campground, it’s important to remember that. Even though people may be camping to get away from the city, they still want to be able to check in and go online – and even share their experience with the online world. But so many campgrounds completely underperform in this arena. 

That’s where we come in. 

Campground Wi-Fi Installation Company

tablet wifi at campgroundAccessParks is the leader in high-speed wi-fi installation for campgrounds throughout the United States. Our 5G Broadband Wi-Fi service ensures fast internet throughout your campground. We offer 25 Mbps download speed per device with our broadband platform. This means that every guest on your property is getting high-quality internet capable of streaming video and more. 

With AccessParks, you get fiber speed installed at your campground – but that doesn’t mean that you have to have fiber-optic on the property. We have access to millions of fiber points-of-presence worldwide. This means that we can provide fiber speed and ultra-fast campground download speeds without the heavy cost of installing full fiber-optic cable throughout your campground. 

What does it cost to install fiber speed Wi-Fi in my campground? 

Speaking of installation cost – there is no up-front cost to the campground to have AccessParks 5G Wi-Fi installed. And if we don’t deliver the performance that we have discussed, you can go another direction. 

Luckily, we know that once you have our fiber speed 5G Wi-Fi installed at your campground, you will be satisfied with the results. We are an enterprise-grade wireless internet service. The broadband access also provides reliability – unlike hard-wired fiber-optic that can be cut and take days to fix. 

Campground Wi-Fi Installation and Support

Ah, fixes. That means that something broke. With AccessParks, fixes are seldom-needed, but quick if they are. Everything is covered when you have AccessParks high-speed Wi-Fi installed at your campground. We provide you with a complete end-to-end managed service, as we oversee the network and provide 24/7 support with 99.9% reliability uptime. Our network operations center monitors and optimizes the network constantly, making sure that your guests are up-and-running with high-speed internet whenever they need it, on any device they need it on. 

No one wants to have their staff inundated with questions about the Wi-Fi service. If speeds ever drop or there are any issues, we are on the case instantly with our support team. Our average call center response time is two minutes. Most issues can be fixed in minutes as well, meaning that your guests will have service again quickly. Our response time to critical issues, which are uncommon, is four hours. You also have access to real-time uptime data on your dashboard that provides full transparency to you and your guests. 

Guests Stay Longer at Campgrounds with High-Speed Wi-Fi

When guests know and have experienced that your campground has high-speed Wi-Fi, they will stay longer. We’ve analyzed the data. On average, guests will stay two days longer when you have a service as we offer with AccessParks. That’s a huge revenue boost for your business. 

In addition to staying longer, guests will be posting about their experience online, rating your campsite, and making you the toast of the town. Online reviews and representation is the key to winning online – and there’s no better way to win online that having the best Wi-Fi experience in your area.

With people looking for socially distanced activities, now is the time to install high-grade Wi-Fi in your campground. The pandemic has gotten people to enjoy the outdoors more, which means many lifelong campers have been born. Give them high-speed broadband, and they will be lifetime guests as well. 

How Long Will It Take to Get Set up with Broadband Wi-Fi in My Campground?

With no up-front installation costs to AccessParks 5G Wi-Fi, there is no risk in getting started with the program. And we can have Broadband Wi-Fi set up quickly at your campground as well – it can be launched within 6-8 weeks regularly. 

While it is a large undertaking to install this high-quality Wi-Fi at your campground, our team of professionals has established strong broadband Wi-Fi connections in the most difficult situations. No matter where you are, we have a solution that can work for your property. This is why we are considered a premier campground high-speed Wi-Fi installation company. 


AccessParks High-Speed Wi-Fi Campground Installation By the Numbers


24 Hours

Time to provide a quote for broadband service


60 Days

Time it takes our team to install to any campground



Speed per guest device, with full transparency dashboards


45 Million

Number of fiber locations in our database



Number of outdoor venues our team has installed


28 Million

Number of visitors to our park networks in the United States


2 Minutes

Average call center response time


4 Hours

Response time to resolve critical issues


I want a quote for Campground High-Speed Wi-Fi Installation

Getting a quote to install high-speed 5G Wi-Fi for your campground is as simple as giving us a call or filling out the form below. Call us today at 1-888-507-1128 to get the process started. 

Your campground could be days away from installing high-speed broadband that encourages guests to stay longer, leave great reviews for your campground, post about their experience, and much more. 

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