Best Equipment for Cooking Over a Campfire

If you are roughing it for your camping adventure, then cooking over an open flame is part of the fun. There’s nothing quite like eating a meal that was made possible by you creating fire. But the fire alone is clearly not enough – you need the proper equipment to be able to hold and cook your food. 

Best Equipment for Cooking Over a Campfire

While there are many different types of cooking equipment and techniques out there, we’ve narrowed our list down to some of our favorites. 

Cooking Grate

One of the most basic ways to cook is by simply having your food elevated over the firepit. This can be accomplished by having a campfire cooking grate that can prop itself on the edges of the fire, allowing either food or another cooking element to sit directly on top of it. If you are putting food directly on the grate, proper distance to flame will be essential. You will also want to make sure your wood is clean burning. 

Cooking Stand

rv park campfire picnicVery much along the same lines of the elevated grate is the cooking stand. This item is simply planted in the fire and allows for more elevation and airflow to the food. A pan or grate can then be set on top of the stand for cooking. 

Cast Iron Skillet

The cast iron skillet is really an essential outdoor cooking item. It’s durable, lasts forever, and can be placed on pretty much any surface while you are cooking. You can place it on your cooking grate, cooking stand, or even directly on the coals of the fire if you are without any other utensils. That kind of versatility means that the skillet is really the only thing that you absolutely need to cook over a campfire – other than the fire and food itself.

Dutch Oven

Next to the classic cast iron skillet, the dutch oven is an extremely versatile campfire cooking tool. Its enclosed design even makes things a bit easier for the novice cook, and it typically provides a bit more space, which allows for a greater range of food items that you can cook. 


While coffee may not be a survival item technically, many would argue that it is among the essential items needed for a successful campground cooking experience. Depending on what percolator you have, the setup around the campfire is going to be different. Something that you will want to focus on is one that is coated to withstand various levels of heat. 


Having a rotisserie that is built to stand over an open flame puts you at the top of the game when it comes to campfire cooking expertise. The food will take a bit longer to cook, but if you are willing to play the long game for a succulent experience, the rotisserie is a sure crowd-pleaser. 


It’s easy to get carried away in preparing all of the actual cooking elements, and forgetting some of the actual supporting cast. Having a pair of tongs is absolutely necessary to avoid burning your fingers and providing a sanitary experience. Basic utensils will be necessary as well, such as plates, silverware and anything else you may need. 

While there are many different ways to cook food out in the wild, the above list is going to get it done for the majority of outdoor chefs. And if you want to provide a rough-it but connected experience to your camping, AccessParks offers a high-speed Wi-Fi experience to keep your crew entertained while they eat. 

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