Why Does Campground Wi-Fi Never Work?

We’ve heard it many times. Your favorite campground offers free Wi-Fi. But, you never use it, because, well, it’s not really worth trying to use. It’s tough to log in, it boots you off, and if you are on, it’s frustratingly slow. 

Why Does Campground Wi-Fi Never Work? 

Does it have to be this way? Well, no, it doesn’t. Let’s first discuss some of the top reasons that campground Wi-Fi never works. 

Weak Antenna Wi-Fi and Access Points

Typical campground Wi-Fi relies on a lot of things to go right for the average user to be able to log in and effectively utilize it. Most notably, the Wi-Fi antennas that so many use and the associated access points are pretty much a series of randomness. The type of antennas to install, what cables to use, and where to install the access points will determine when and if many campers will be able to log on. 

Unfortunately, the companies that install these Wi-Fi networks are often charging high prices for equipment upfront, and then leaving the campground owners holding the bag when it comes to actual performance. This means that unless the signal is optimized and you are near an access point that is properly connected, there are going to be problems. And unless you hit the right combination with your camping stall, you probably won’t be utilizing the Wi-Fi. 

Campground Terrain

rv camper wi-fi at parkThis is an issue that comes with the territory when campgrounds and RV Parks are concerned. People come to these locations to enjoy the outdoors. But the very outdoors are what hurts the Wi-Fi signal. Trees, RVs, and buildings on the property all pose a hazard to how good the signal will come in.

Maintaining a line of sight for the Wi-Fi signal is a challenge with all the natural obstacles, meaning that you will need to get a camping spot that is positioned perfectly if you want any chance to stay connected. And simply being connected doesn’t mean that you will have quality Wi-Fi. Streaming Wi-Fi is even more out of the question with most standard campground Wi-Fi setups.

RV or Camper

The RV or camper itself poses an issue when it comes to campground Wi-Fi. The metal and aluminum components that the RV or camper is constructed of actively block a Wi-Fi signal in the same way that the aforementioned trees and buildings do. 

There are ways to boost reception in these outdoor spaces, but if you are trying to link up with the campground’s Wi-Fi, there is only so much that can be done to get high-quality Wi-Fi and all that goes along with it. 

A Solution for Poor Campground and RV Park Wi-Fi

Luckily, there are now ways for campgrounds and RV Parks to do better when it comes to providing high-quality Wi-Fi for their loyal customers. Providing quality and reliable Wi-Fi isn’t easy, which is why so many of the players in the industry upcharge for equipment and leave campgrounds without a viable solution when they are done. 

Solutions like AccessParks don’t have to worry about all of the issues mentioned above that degrade the Wi-Fi quality at campgrounds. This is because AccessParks offers broadband Wi-Fi through fiber points-of-presence worldwide, eliminating the need for expensive fiber optic installation. Utilizing these 5G technologies allows AccessParks to offer 1,000 to 10,000 Mbps to a property quickly – with a 6-8 week expected installation timeline. The speed transfers to a minimum of 25 Mbps per user, no matter where they are located within the park. 

Best of all, the AccessParks team does not collect up-front fees like so many campground Wi-Fi companies charge. And once the solution is installed, the campground is equipped with data screens that are customer-facing, keeping AccessParks on the hook for providing high-speed Wi-Fi uptime 24/7. There is also built-in support of the service, meaning the campground or RV park owners always have access to help should the service ever lag or go down. 

With the AccessParks high-speed Wi-Fi solution, there are no concerns about weak antennas, access points, trees, or internal RV components that will cause the Wi-Fi to lag. 

Enjoy the outdoors and have the Wi-Fi to share your experiences, and even stream a movie outdoors at night. The AccessParks 5G high-speed Wi-Fi solution. For more information, contact AccessParks here

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