Do I Need to Install Fiber-Optic to have Fast Internet at My Campground?

Fiber-optic is an excellent option for individuals that are looking for high-speed internet. With fiber, speeds can dramatically increase, meaning you can stream video and access the internet overall with greater ease. But when it comes to outdoor installation of Wi-Fi at places like campgrounds and RV parks, installing hard fiber cable is not the only option. 

What is Fiber Internet? 

Fiber-optic internet, commonly referred to as “fiber,” is a high-speed broadband internet connection. The center of the service is fiber-optic cable, which allows data to be sent incredibly fast – approximately 70% the speed of light. This fast connection has made fiber a popular choice for many as connectivity becomes more popular and necessary. 

With outdoor internet installation at places like campgrounds and RV parks, fiber is an option. Many campgrounds and RV parks have looked into this option in place of traditional internet to help speed up service for their guests as demand increases for reliable, fast internet. But the cost associated with installing hard fiber cable at the campground or RV park drives many away from going this route. But what other options are there for high-speed internet for campgrounds and RV parks? 

Fiber Install at Campgrounds May Be Spotty

Unfortunately, many who decide to go with the costly installation of fiber-optic at their outdoor venue find out that the service may still not have improved or is very spotty. The truth is, simply having fiber-optic cable installed is not the entire story. Having the right company as a partner that installs enterprise-grade equipment with the proper design, and monitors and tweaks it regularly is the only way that reliable high-speed service will be delivered. 

Fiber Capability without the Install Cost

Many RV park and campground owners have been relegated to the fact that the only way to provide a high-speed broadband internet option to their customers is to bite the bullet and install costly fiber-optic. This cost is simply not feasible for many business owners that simply want to do better for their loyal customers. 

calm camping night rv parkLuckily, there are options to install reliable, fast broadband internet at campgrounds and RV parks without incurring the high installation costs. Solutions like AccessParks allow the delivery of fiber speed to any property, no matter locations, without the costs associated with installing fiber cable. 

The AccessParks service utilizes millions of fiber points-of-presence (PoPs) worldwide to bring speeds of 1,000 to 10,000 Mbps to any property. Due to this system, the service can be installed efficiently and quickly – reaching full install at any property within 6-8 weeks. And no matter how rugged the terrain, the system can be installed due to its unique setup. 

Proof of the success and availability of the AccessParks system can be seen at the six national parks that the service is installed at, in addition to hundreds of RV parks and campgrounds in the United States and Canada. The service currently provides high-speed internet to 50 million acres. 

To learn more about the AccessParks solution, get in touch with the team. Broadband internet available at all hours (even peak) can be installed before the busy season begins.

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