Can I Stream Netflix While Camping?

Spending a week or weekend camping can be liberating on several levels. Physically, it allows you to get a workout while breathing in the fresh air and overall experiencing nature. Mentally, it allows for a break from the routine of everyday life. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of your favorite activities. For many, streaming shows allows for some entertaining downtime that you can enjoy whenever the time is right. And that includes while you are camping. It may seem counterintuitive to the outdoor experience, but streaming your favorite shows or watching a family movie outside can offer a great trade-off and even some downtime after a long day in the sun.

Can I Stream Netflix While Camping? 

The downside to watching Netflix or your favorite streaming network outside is that you are relegated to whatever experience the Wi-Fi you are hooked up to can provide. At many campgrounds and RV parks throughout the country, the Wi-Fi simply isn’t strong enough to support streaming. And even if it is capable of streaming during regular hours, the peak evening hours often overload the system and offer a non-existent or inadequate watching experience for anyone trying to log on. There’s nothing worse than setting up to watch something and have to deal with buffering several times per minute of the show.

wi-fi computer campgroundLuckily, there are options for those that want to stream Netflix while camping. But you have to do your homework and make sure the park you are visiting has the proper Wi-Fi setup. AccessParks is the only RV park and campground broadband internet provider that guarantees streaming-capable speed at all times of the day. The service can achieve this by tapping into fiber connections and microwaving it out to the park to provide reliable coverage, and that doesn’t bog down during peak times. 

The AccessParks solution can handle parks of any size, as proven from the current customer base. AccessParks is the current broadband provider for six national parks and 120 military bases throughout the United States. Since branching out to offering services at individual campgrounds and RV parks, the AccessParks service is now installed on hundreds of RV parks and campgrounds, with a total coverage area of 50 million acres. It serves broadband for more than 30 million people annually. 

What Speeds are Needed to Stream Netflix Outside?

Many campgrounds and RV parks offer Wi-Fi speeds that average from 1-5 Mbps. It typically takes 5 Mbps to stream Netflix HD video and around 3 Mpbs to successfully stream SD video. For ultra HD streaming, 25Mbps is needed.

While many campgrounds and RV parks might technically fall within the streaming video range listed for Netflix, their numbers can be deceiving. As mentioned earlier, the speeds they advertise are often not consistent, as high-volume evening hours, the speeds will slow down dramatically due to all of the devices on the network. 

With AccessParks, there is no issue with streaming Netflix or other video during peak hours, as the system runs 5G technology which offers the ability for many devices to be hooked up at the same time. AccessParks also guarantees at least 25Mbps per user device at all hours, meaning even Ultra HD Netflix streaming is possible.

If your favorite campground or RV Park doesn’t offer the streaming speeds that you desire, have them contact AccessParks. There is no up-front charge for installation, and the service can be installed in 6-8 weeks at any property.

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