Can I Install Streaming Wi-Fi at My Campground?

Once a novelty, campground Wi-Fi is now nearly a necessity for any campground owner wanting to attract new guests and retain current ones. Reliable Wi-Fi at a campground has been proven to keep guests longer and improve online review scores – two crucial elements for campground owners. 

Unfortunately for campground owners, not all Wi-Fi options available to install at their grounds are created equal. Many current providers offer traditional services that come with many limitations – especially for large outdoor properties. Trees, RVs, buildings, and other common elements of any campground can block or weaken the Wi-Fi signal, making the strength of Wi-Fi very dependent on a camper’s location on the grounds. And traditional Wi-Fi setups are also subject to overload during peak evening hours, causing spotty or no service for some people or everyone logged on.

Can I Install Streaming Wi-Fi at My Campground?

There is, however, a better option for campgrounds looking for guaranteed broadband service at their grounds. Services like AccessParks offer 5G capability through their exclusive networks and technology. The service taps into high-speed fiber-optic and sends it throughout the installing campground or park, offering an even and reliable Wi-Fi connection for guests and staff at the location.

using laptop on picnic tableOne of the best features of the AccessParks solution is that it doesn’t cost anything up-front for campground owners to install the service. This makes it a viable campground Wi-Fi streaming option for any property. The team is also able to install the service at any property within a 6-8 month timeframe. 

AccessParks also provides support and offers customer-facing dashboards that show the uptime of the service. Any issues that do arise are resolved quickly thanks to 24/7 support of the services. 

By providing guaranteed speeds of 25 Mbps per user device, even at peak times, campers are able to stream shows and movies during the high-demand evening hours. The high-speed Wi-Fi option also provides an added advertising benefit, as campers logged onto the network are more likely to share their experience and tag the campground, providing an online referral network. 

Campgrounds looking to boost their network and have happier and more engaged customers can contact AccessParks for more information. As mentioned earlier, the install is no-cost, with a short window of install time to get the service up and running in time for the peak season.

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